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This is my new favorite page. It’s just so much win.

First picture of my back and forth with Jesse. I found it fitting. JESSE THIS IS FOR YOUUUUUU



The Polaroid Z2300 is our latest fave for the following reasons:

  • The traditional Polaroid rainbow stripe, obvi.
  • The fact that it shoots instant photos and saves them digitally.
  • The instant prints have peel-off sticky backs, so you can stick your photos all over!


I ‘KNOW’ that I don’t ‘NEED’ this, but I need this.

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Taran Killam as Prince Charming on Saturday Night Live


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Can we just take a moment to realize how this child is acting more maturely than half the population of the earth? That will be all.

“so you’re a man and you married a man? Okay. Do you want to play ping pong?”


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Dreamworks made a great movie without the title character even speaking a word.

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Wow. I’m sure you’ve all seen this girl’s fantastic tardis dress floating around here the last week or so. She hand painted the inside and everything, and she just looks plain great. But of course, I see it posted on facebook, and the slew of comments begin.

I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why I, as a bigger girl, spend the week before a convention crying because I’m so nervous about what people are going to say about me just because I want to dress up and have fun like everyone else. And there is something really, really fucking wrong with that.

This girl is as beautiful as she is clever! If we on Tumblr are only good for one thing, it’s turning situations like this around! Let’s signal boost this and get it back to her so she knows how much we love it! ALLONZ-Y

Some need a reality check preferably with a baseball bat THIS FUCKING AWESOME and she is gorgeous.

This is amazing.

This is why I hate being on the rest of the internet. Tumblr is safe. Tumblr we see things for what they really are, not like these fucking trolls.

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The US version of Harry Potter is surprisingly short. 

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Each day that passes brings me closer to the realization that growing up is the single scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.


She speaks the truth, being nice on the east coast is generally not a good idea, we are vultures!

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